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Bharat Unveiled: S Jaishankar’s Insightful Reflections on the Essence of India

S Jaishankar About Bharat EAM S Jaishankar (Minister of External Affairs) conveyed that in different countries customary limits and gifts disappeared after a period due to globalisation and industrialisation.Outer Undertakings Priest Dr S Jaishankar on Sunday said that ‘Bharat’ was about the nation’s customs, culture, past, and its future. PM Vishwakarma Yojana The Connection Cleric…

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Bharat’s Name: Evoking Identity Through Time, From the Rig Veda to the Constitution of India

Controversy and Constitutional Duality: The ‘Bharat’ vs. ‘India’ Debate Opposition figures have been circulating images of an official invitation to a G20 dinner, a departure from the usual “President of India” to “The President of Bharat.” This has fueled speculation about a potential name change for the country, switching from India to Bharat. Interestingly, Article…

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