Pyramid Technoplast IPO: Strong Subscription Numbers on Day 2 Indicate Investor Confidence

pyramid technoplast ipo

Pyramid Technoplast IPO

pyramid technoplast ipo

The Pyramid Technoplast IPO, a much-anticipated event in the financial landscape, has garnered remarkable attention from investors since its opening on August 18. As the subscription period progresses, the IPO’s impressive response on day 2 highlights the growing interest and confidence among investors.

Decoding Pyramid Technoplast IPO: Insights and Future Plans Unveiled by Management

Robust day 2 subscription

With the second day of subscription, the Pyramid Technoplast IPO has demonstrated its allure by being subscribed 5.84 times. This substantial subscription rate underscores the enthusiasm and anticipation surrounding the offering.

Enthusiasm across investor categories

pyramid technoplast ipo

Retail investors and non-institutional investors (NIIs) have displayed an exceptional response to the IPO, with all three investor categories reaching full subscription by the close of day 2. Noteworthy is the retail portion, which achieved a subscription rate of 6.52 times, while the NII portion reached 6.73 times. Qualified institutional buyers (QIBs) also showed interest, subscribing 1.49 times.

Bidding figures unveiled:

The Pyramid Technoplast IPO has seen an influx of bids, totaling 4,41,19,440 shares, a significant demand when compared to the 75,60,400 shares available in the offering.

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Segment breakdown

  • Retail Investors: Bids for 3,00,69,900 shares against 46,10,000 shares offered.
  • Non-Institutional Investors: Bids for 1,24,02,360 shares against 18,44,000 shares offered.
  • Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs): Bids for 16,47,180 shares against 11,06,400 shares offered.

Pricing and lot size:

The IPO’s price band, set at ₹151 to ₹166 per equity share with a face value of ₹10 each, caters to a diverse investor base. The lot size is 90 equity shares, with subsequent multiples.

Anchor book process success :

During the anchor book process, the IPO successfully raised ₹27.55 crore from four key investors, including Carnelian Structural Shift Fund, Alchemie Ventures Fund, Pluris Fund, and Resonance Opportunities Fund.

Allocation and use of proceeds :

The IPO’s composition comprises a fresh issue worth ₹91.30 crore and an offer for sale (OFS) segment amounting to ₹61.75 crore at the upper band price. The proceeds from the IPO will be allocated towards offer-related expenses and the repayment of outstanding borrowings.

IPO management and distribution :

PNB Investment Services Limited and First Overseas Capital Limited manage the IPO as book running lead managers (BRLMs), with Bigshare Services Private Limited serving as the registrar. The allocation of shares is as follows: QIBs (up to 30%), NIIs (minimum 20%), and Retail Investors (at least 50%).

Grey market premium insights :

As the investment landscape buzzes with anticipation, the grey market unveils intriguing insights into the Pyramid Technoplast IPO. On a recent Monday, the share price in this unregulated market revealed a premium of ₹22, hinting at the sentiment echoing through the investment community. This premium signals the potential for a listing price of ₹188 per share, showcasing a significant 13.25% surge from the initial IPO price of ₹166.

While this initial glimpse into the grey market sparked optimism, the trend observed on a subsequent Friday presents a twist in the narrative. With the grey market premium (GMP) stabilizing at ₹22, there arises a subtle indication of a potential decrease before the listing. The range within which the GMP fluctuates spans between ₹19 and ₹28, underscoring the dynamic nature of market sentiment and its impact on perceived valuations.

These fluctuations within the grey market serve as a window into the speculative world of pre-listing assessments. Investors and market enthusiasts carefully monitor these shifts to gauge early indicators of market reception. The GMP’s journey from ₹22 to the potential endpoints of ₹19 and ₹28 adds an element of uncertainty, mirroring the intricacies of market dynamics.

In the fast-paced world of investments, the grey market acts as a preliminary compass, offering early signals that can guide investor decisions. The Pyramid Technoplast IPO’s foray into the grey market, marked by both the initial promise of a ₹22 premium and the subsequent range-bound GMP, encapsulates the ebb and flow of expectations, speculations, and the unfolding drama that precedes a stock’s public listing.

As the IPO’s listing day approaches, the grey market’s influence is set to culminate, shedding light on whether these price forecasts align with the reality of market performance. Investors and analysts alike will be on the lookout for the IPO’s actual performance against the backdrop of these early assessments, highlighting the intricacies of market psychology and the ever-shifting interplay of supply, demand, and investor sentiment.


The Pyramid Technoplast IPO’s subscription figures on day 2 exemplify investor confidence and strong market sentiment. As the subscription period unfolds, market watchers eagerly anticipate the IPO’s listing and its impact on the financial landscape. The substantial interest from all investor categories underscores the significance of this offering in the investment ecosystem.

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