Jio Financial Services Shares Plunge 5% Again in Consecutive Lower Circuit Blow

jio financial services

Jio Financial Services in stock market

jio financial services

The performance of Jio Financial Services in the stock market has been closely monitored, with recent developments showcasing a pattern of declining share prices. This article delves into the factors contributing to this trend and the insights provided by financial experts.

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Passive fund influence

The decline in the value of Jio Financial Services shares can be attributed to the actions of passive funds that track major indices like the Nifty and the Sensex. These funds are actively engaged in selling activities, causing a downward pressure on the share price. This section highlights how the influence of passive funds is impacting the company’s stock performance.

Analyst insights

Unveiling insightful perspectives, Abhilash Pagaria, an adept analyst at Nuvama Wealth Management, offers a crystalline view of the ramifications sparked by passive funds’ maneuvers. Pagaria meticulously evaluates the unfolding scenario, projecting a vivid outlook. In his estimations, the reverberations are striking: passive funds harmonizing with the Nifty index might strategically divest approximately 90 million shares, generating a formidable financial ripple amounting to roughly $290 million. In a parallel vein, the passive Sensex trackers are envisaged to undertake a calculated divestment of about 55 million shares, constituting a noteworthy monetary value of nearly $175 million. This dedicated section meticulously encapsulates Pagaria’s astute projections, illuminating the far-reaching implications of these actions.

Expert Evaluation

jio financial services

Stepping into the limelight, V K Vijayakumar, the adept Chief Investment Strategist at Geojit Financial Services, furnishes a profound analysis of Jio Financial Services’ standing. He underscores the foundation of the company’s valuation, rooted in its prospective growth avenues and its commanding 6.1% stake in the renowned Reliance Industries (RIL). The allure of promising expansion, fueled by robust consumer and merchant networks, is palpable. Nonetheless, the narrative also unveils a backdrop of institutional offloading, an influential factor currently weighing down the share price. The resonance amplifies due to the stock’s positioning in the formidable “T segment,” intensifying the market dynamics at play.

Market Capitalization and Ranking

Upon entering the market, Jio Financial Services has swiftly ascended to a substantial market capitalization of ₹1.58 lakh crore. This achievement firmly secures its status as the country’s second-largest non-banking financial company (NBFC). Noteworthy in the NBFC landscape, the company’s market capitalization underscores its prominence, trailing solely behind the eminent Bajaj Finance. This accomplishment reinforces Jio Financial Services’ pivotal role in shaping the financial sector’s dynamics.

Morning Trading Scenario

At the commencement of the trading session at 10:00 AM, this article furnishes a real-time snapshot of Jio Financial Services shares. Unveiling the unfolding scenario, the shares registered a 5% decline, commencing at ₹239.20 per share on the esteemed Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The consequent market capitalization holds firm at a notable ₹1,51,970 crore, providing a glimpse into the company’s current valuation amidst the dynamic fluctuations of the trading landscape.


In summary, the recurrent lower circuit restrictions on Jio Financial Services shares stem from the impact of passive funds’ maneuvers, insights corroborated by industry luminaries Abhilash Pagaria and V K Vijayakumar. Although the company’s growth trajectory retains its vigor, the ongoing institutional sell-offs and the categorization within the “T segment” are both pivotal in driving the present downtrend in share valuation. Nonetheless, the company’s substantial market capitalization and distinguished ranking underscore its resolute standing within the non-banking financial domain, an enduring testament to its resounding influence in the sector.

Key Takeaways

  • Passive funds tracking indices like the Nifty and Sensex are impacting Jio Financial Services share price.
  • Analyst Abhilash Pagaria estimates potential divestments by passive funds.
  • V K Vijayakumar explains the valuation dynamics and institutional selling impact.
  • Jio Financial Services secures a remarkable market capitalization and ranking.
  • Morning trading data shows a 5% depreciation in share price.

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