Onam 2023: Embracing Abundance, Unity, and Joy in the Festival of Kings


Kerala’s Enchanting Onam Festival: A Grand Celebration of Tradition and Togetherness


As the sun sets on the lush landscapes of Kerala, a vibrant tapestry of colors, music, and traditions comes to life. The annual harvest festival of it, a cherished event among the Malayali community, has once again graced the calendar. Running from August 20th to August 31st this year, Onam, also known as Thiruvonam, captivates hearts with its deep-rooted cultural significance and exuberant festivities.


The festival unfolds during the auspicious Chingam month, which aligns with the months of August and September in the Gregorian calendar. This timing, symbolizing the bountiful harvest season, adds to the festival’s essence of abundance and gratitude.

Ten days of this festival

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Each day of the ten-day celebration holds its own unique significance, creating a crescendo of traditions and stories that weave the its fabric.

Day 1 – Atham: The festival commences with Atham, marking the excitement and anticipation that fills the air. Homes are adorned with intricate floral arrangements called ‘Pookalams,’ each more colorful and intricate than the last, setting the stage for the days ahead.

Day 2 – Chithira: The second day, Chithira, showcases the dedication of the people as they continue to embellish their Pookalams with fresh flowers, transforming the surroundings into a mesmerizing visual spectacle.

Day 3 – Chodi: As Chodi arrives, so does the spirit of unity. Families come together to create larger Pookalams, emphasizing the significance of togetherness and collaboration.

Day 4 – Vishakam: On Vishakam, the Pookalams reach their full grandeur, symbolizing prosperity and the beauty of nature’s bounty. The intricate patterns mirror the diverse hues of Kerala’s landscapes.

Day 5 – Anizham: Anizham signifies the artistic flair of the Malayali community. Elaborate processions, showcasing traditional dances like the Kaikottikali, enchant spectators with their grace and vibrancy.

Day 6 – Thriketta: Thriketta highlights the spiritual facet of Onam. Devotees offer prayers and seek blessings, while temples come alive with rituals that connect the present to the past.

Day 7 – Moolam: The seventh day, Moolam, reinforces the festival’s connection to agrarian roots. Traditional games and activities pay homage to the hard work of farmers and their invaluable contribution.

Day 8 – Pooradam: Pooradam reverberates with the pulse of the people as they immerse themselves in joyous celebrations. The spirit of unity, joy, and laughter fills the air, reflecting the festival’s core values.

Day 9 – Uthradom: As Uthradom dawns, anticipation reaches its zenith. The eve of Thiruvonam witnesses a flurry of activities, with families indulging in festive shopping and final preparations.

Day 10 – Thiruvonam: The pinnacle of Onam, Thiruvonam, commemorates the legendary King Mahabali’s return. Elaborate feasts known as ‘Onasadya’ take center stage, where a sumptuous spread of traditional delicacies epitomizes the spirit of sharing and abundance.

As the curtains draw on this magnificent ten-day celebration, the echoes of Onam resonate far beyond Kerala’s borders. The festival’s essence – of unity, diversity, and the rich tapestry of Kerala’s cultural heritage – continues to inspire, reminding us of the significance of tradition and the importance of coming together to celebrate life’s blessings.

Why it is celebrated

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The Legends and Lore Behind Kerala’s this Festival

It, an exuberant harvest festival, holds a special place in the heart of Kerala, intertwining cultural celebration with rich mythology. One of the pivotal narratives that infuse this festival with meaning is the tale of King Mahabali, also known as Maveli.

Long ago, King Mahabali reigned over Kerala, a ruler renowned for his benevolence and wisdom. He governed not just his kingdom but also the hearts of his people, winning their loyalty and admiration. However, his growing popularity stirred unease among the gods, who feared the diminishing reverence for them. Seeking a solution, they turned to Lord Vishnu.

In response, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana, a diminutive Brahmin dwarf. Disguised as Vamana, Lord Vishnu approached King Mahabali during a grand event. The king, known for his generosity, offered Vamana a boon, permitting the dwarf to ask for anything he desired. To this, Vamana requested only three paces of land.

Unfurling his divine nature, Vamana expanded to an immense size. With his first step, he covered the expanse of the sky, and with his second, he spanned the depths of the netherworld. Left with nowhere else to place his third step, Vamana turned to King Mahabali.

In a demonstration of devotion and humility, King Mahabali offered his own head, inviting Vamana to take his final step there. Touched by the king’s selflessness, Vamana granted Mahabali a boon of his own – the privilege to visit his kingdom and people once every year.

This poignant moment, encapsulating sacrifice, humility, and the enduring bond between a king and his subjects, is etched into Onam’s essence. Each year, as Onam arrives, Kerala welcomes the spirit of King Mahabali. The festivities that follow, including the grand feasts and vibrant cultural expressions, serve not only as a tribute to the past but also as a reaffirmation of the values he embodied.

As the Pookalams bloom and the melodies of traditional songs fill the air during Onam, the legend of King Mahabali resurfaces, reminding everyone that the true essence of this festival lies not only in the joyful celebrations but in the enduring lessons it imparts – of generosity, humility, and the unity of a community.

Celebrating Onam 2023: Warm Wishes, Captivating Images, Heartfelt Messages, and Joyous Greetings!


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Wishing You a Joyful Celebration!

May this festival of abundance fill your life with happiness, prosperity, and togetherness. Happy Onam!

Harvesting Happiness on this day!

As the Pookalams bloom, may your days be filled with colorful moments, delightful feasts, and cherished memories. Happy Onam 2023!

May it Bless You with Prosperity and Joy!

As King Mahabali graces us with his presence, may your life be blessed with abundance, good health, and endless smiles. Happy Onam!

Festival of Unity and Tradition:

May the spirit of unity and the rich tapestry of our traditions bring you closer to your loved ones and ignite your heart with joy. Have a wonderful Onam!

Wishing You Pookalam-ful of Happiness!

May the vibrant colors of Onam brighten your days and the aroma of Onasadya tantalize your senses. Wishing you a fantastic celebration!

Embracing the Spirit of Onam!

May your life be adorned with the beauty of nature, the sweetness of payasam, and the warmth of loved ones’ company. Happy Onam 2023!

A Festival of Feasts and Fun: Happy Onam!

May your heart and plate be filled with the richness of traditions and the deliciousness of Onasadya. Wishing you a flavorful Onam!

Onam Greetings from Our Family to Yours!

May this festive season bring your family closer, your bonds stronger, and your smiles brighter. Have a blessed and joyful Onam!

May the Colors of Onam Paint Your Life with Joy!

As the flowers bloom and the festivities unfold, may your life be as vibrant and beautiful as the Pookalams. Happy Onam!

Wishing You its’s Blessings and Delights!

May the joyful spirit of this festival uplift your heart and bring you closer to the things that truly matter. Happy Onam 2023!

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