Skanda movie 2023: Boyapati Sreenu and Ram Pothineni’s mass excursion is a significant hardship

skanda movie

Skanda Movie 2023: Telugu Mass Extravaganza by Chief Boyapati Sreenu

skanda movie 2023

Almost immediately in chief Boyapati Sreenu‘s Telugu mass excursion Skanda – the assailant, featuring Ram Pothineni, Sreeleela and Saiee Manjrekar, the Telangana Chief clergyman’s (Sharath Lohithaswa) child steals away with the little girl of Andhra Pradesh boss priest (Ajay Purkar). The two CMs, past companions, turn enemies. One growls at the other, ‘Naa inti entryway kaadhu, naa state cost door dhaatu choodham (neglect crossing the entryways of my home, let me check whether you can cross my State’s cost doors)’.

skanda movie 2023

In the event that you are pondering which CM will win, halfway through the film, a person presents himself as Seema bidda (child of Rayalaseema soil) and later pushes both the CMs to the brink of collapse. Another person cautions the CMs that they won’t hold back to turn any person or thing who holds them up into pickles and restrain them in containers! In any case. One method for watching Skanda is to be entertained by such lines, since it doesn’t have a lot pulling out all the stops in any case.

Skanda movie Trailer

Cinematic Trademarks of Skanda

skanda movie

Skanda – the aggressor has all that one would anticipate from a Boyapati Sreenu film — massy activity groupings executed in sluggish movement during which no one will escape the ax, appendages cleaved and individuals lifted up on lances or blades; verbose rhyming discoursed that can act as image material; extra boisterous music (the brief to S. Thaman probably been to acquire extra drums and reliably keep the volume up) and driving ladies who don’t have a lot to do. One absolutely doesn’t anticipate subtlety and nuance, however Skanda is a perseverance test and an attack on the faculties.

Skanda Movie Story

skanda movie review

The preamble highlights Srikanth as Rudraganti Ramakrishna Raju, a business person from Rudrarajupuram, who is condemned to death for violations he didn’t commit. His little girl (Saiee Manjrekar) is doing combating for her life. A legend needs to ascend to work with the success of good over evil.

Smash plays the hypermasculine deliverer who takes on the strong boss priests whose characterisations are caricaturish. Since the thugs in the film likewise get their portion of slow-movement shots, Slam gets much more. A person likens his speed to that of a tiger, following which there are 22 sluggish movement shots, after which the second line in the exchange is expressed.

Slam is likewise displayed to tame a furious bull infused with a medication more effectively than Bhallaladeva restraining the curiously large bull in Baahubali. The hero is likewise displayed as a rough undergrad who alludes to his schoolmate (Sreeleela) as an ‘normal’ lady. That’s what he contends in the event that he charms and weds a normal looking lady, he will draw more consideration and be viewed as attractive!

These ‘normal’ references are made look like humor and in the event that you figure you can’t expect better from a brutish person, sit tight for the uncover. We are subsequently informed he was a Stanford College clincher skilled at moral hacking. Don’t worry about it in the event that all he does now is hacking individuals. He is doing everything for the love of his family and his dad’s (Daggubati Raja’s) dear companion Ramakrishna Raju.

A straightforward story of vengeance and retaliation endures 167 minutes, obliging many sluggish movement shots and rhyming discoursed. Worldwide film and abstract references are likewise tossed in. Somebody is alluded to as Tarzan. The word Network shows up conspicuously behind the scenes when a thug designs an assault, and a person says, ‘Regarding life, what to think about it’. Somebody likewise alludes to Slam as a mobile Rolls Royce! In the mean time, numerous ladies are wearing the best silks and must be happy with being props. Gowtami and others are squandered. They should simply either sob or give their children love. A gathering of young ladies, in the mean time, faint on the legend.

Skanda is swollen with no development in narrating, characterisations, music or activity movement. It is so tenacious in its festival of high-decibel mass fest that you might need to keep your clamor dropping headphones helpful. Towards the end, when we realize there will be a section two, it seems like a danger.

Skanda movie release date and time

Skanda Movie will be released on 28 september 2023.

skanda movie

Skanda movie budget

The Skanda movie budget is near around 40 crores (approx.), so an opening collection of 10-12 crores is not bad for the movie. This movie is expected to perform well in the Telugu cinema industry.

Skanda Movie IMDB Rating

Skanda movie rating is 6.8/10

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