Raksha Bandhan 2023, Muhurat Time: A favorable time of 1 hour and 12 minutes for tying Rakhi on the 30th date. Learn about Bhadra Puchha and Bhadra Mukh.

raksha bandhan

Raksha Bandhan Muhurat time

raksha bandhan

This year, there seems to be a significant level of uncertainty surrounding the celebration of Raksha Bandhan. In fact, the full moon date starts on the 30th, along with the Bhadra period. Bhadra will be present until the night of August 30th. On the other hand, the full moon date on the 31st will be in the morning. In this situation, when and at what time can you tie the Rakhi? According to astrology, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon date of the month of Shravana. You can celebrate Raksha Bandhan on both August 30th and 31st, but on the 30th, you will have only a 2-hour window to celebrate. Let’s understand in detail.

Certain ceremonies and activities are prohibited during Bhadra, including Raksha Bandhan. Therefore, it is important to understand about Bhadra.

Bhadra: In a date, there are two Karanas. When the Vishti Karana comes, it is called Bhadra.

Bhadra’s Residence: When the Moon is in Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, or Pisces (4th, 5th, 11th, 12th), Bhadra resides on Earth (Mortal World). When the Moon is in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, or Scorpio (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th), Bhadra resides in Heaven. When the Moon is in Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Capricorn (6th, 7th, 9th, 10th), Bhadra resides in the Netherworld.

Bhadra’s influence is determined by its location. Therefore, when the Moon is in Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, or Pisces, it won’t affect Earth.

raksha bandhan

Bhadra Face and Bhadra Tail: To determine Bhadra Face and Bhadra Tail, divide the Vishti Karana into four equal parts. Based on this, Bhadra Face is determined.

Based on the division, Bhadra Face is determined as follows:

  1. Shukla Chaturthi and Krishna Chaturdashi: Bhadra Face starts from the first 5 Ghatis.
  2. Shukla Ashtami and Krishna Dashami: Bhadra Face starts from the second equal division among four.
  3. Shukla Ekadashi and Krishna Saptami: Bhadra Face starts from the third equal division among four.
  4. Shukla Purnima and Krishna Tritiya: Bhadra Face starts from the fourth equal division among four.

Muhurat for Tying Rakhi on August 30, 2023: Bhadra Tail is considered auspicious and beneficial. You can perform auspicious activities during Bhadra Tail. On August 30th, Bhadra Tail begins from 5:19 PM and lasts until 6:31 PM. You can tie Rakhi during this time.

Important Considerations for Bhadra Calculation: The calculation of Bhadra Face and Bhadra Tail mentioned above is based on a standard time of 60 Ghatis. Adjustments are made based on the increase or decrease in the duration of the day.

To avoid the inauspicious effects of Bhadra, it’s advised to perform worship of Lord Shiva.

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